Valhalla Life Services will provide Housing, Training and Fresh Start Services to Homeless and at-risk Veterans.

Valhalla Life Services


It is our goal to make sure that no Veteran falls through the cracks. We teach them to go to war, but when their service is over, we do almost nothing to help them come home. This is where Valhalla Life Services comes in. We will provide housing, therapy, counseling, addiction treatment, job training, life skills education, and help them reconnect with their families. We will walk with them the entire journey of their life, until Valhalla.

We welcome anyone
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VLS is a program designed to help homeless Veterans and at-risk Veterans alike, grow beyond their circumstances. When people feel helpless, and that their lives have no purpose, they are unable to see the many possibilities that are available to them. We will help them see their possibilities. But more than that, we will help them go after and achieve them.

Veterans of the US Armed Services could be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by Valhalla Life Services. Eligibility for many VLS benefits is predicated upon discharge from active military service aside from dishonorable conditions, and certain benefits require service during wartime. If you’re new to VLS, the Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors booklet will assist you to start.

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Valhalla Life Services

We will provide Housing, Training and Fresh Start Services to Homeless and at risk Veterans