Confederate Soldiers. US Civil War 1860's

A call to arms.
While the current Election Cycle heats up quickly, and it seems all anyone can talk about, I have to wonder if enough people in America are thinking about what is happening and how can we take this Country back. Make no mistake, we are in a Civil War! Not a shooting war, yet, but a war none the less. The lines have been drawn, the sides have been picked, and while some are sitting on the sidelines watching the show, there will be no one unaffected in the outcome of this war.
What is the war about? What is the war over? Simple. Ideology.
This is a war of ideas, and it has been brewing for over 40 years. It started with Political Correctness, then it morphed into Participation Trophies, then it became about Gender Pay gap, then you started hearing a little about racial pay gaps but that fizzled out really quick, but then came the big moves. First, it was the killing of Trevon Martin and not to belittle that, it didn’t need to become the event that it became, but on the heels of that we had, Ferguson and Michael Brown, a known criminal and thug due to his stature, but that didn’t matter to the loud voices that wanted to scream. Especially those in power, most importantly the clown residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
When the country needed him the most, the President of the United States chooses to divide this nation, rather than unite us, and call for a calm, until we knew the facts of the incidents, instead, he fanned the flames of hate. Hate for the Police, hate for anyone who does not quietly agree with the narrative, hate for anyone that wears a uniform. This was the official start of the Second Civil War of the United States.
And now, with the seeds sown, and nurtured by the mainstream media at all levels, coerced by almost everyone in the Democratic Party. Now, let’s get a little history here, it was the Democratic Party that fought tooth and nail to keep slavery, to create Jim Crow Laws, Segregation, Poll Tax, and they created the welfare system that has now made people “slaves” to the state, dependent upon the state for everything they have in their lives, unless they commit criminal acts to get more. And I have seen it far too often that they live on welfare, yet drive brand new luxury cars, the latest cellphones, best name brand clothes, yet complain when there’s talks about cutting or decreasing eligibility for benefits. Yet, those of us that work hard, struggle, and at times when we fall and actually need the help, we can’t get it, or we get just enough to starve. I was once told, with 3 babies at home and a wife, that I didn’t qualify for benefits because I was young and able to work, didn’t matter that I couldn’t find any at the time. But I was white. My wife at the time was told to divorce me so she could qualify for max benefits. WTH? They don’t want families. They want single mothers. Just think about that for a few moments and let that sink in, they do not want healthy families with well-adjusted children.
Now, we have a President that is focused on bringing the country back to what it was meant to be. The Bright Beacon on the Hill. The light of Freedom to the world. And the entire Democratic party, main stream media, and any of the blind people that follow them, and yes, most of them are the same people that grew up being told they were all winners, and entitled, so they all got awards just for showing up, and being told that words do hurt, and your feelings are more important than facts, and they are doing absolutely everything in their power to take down this President and anyone that supports him. This is why we are in a Civil War!
Now, how do we, the America Loving Patriots, that still believe and hold dear everything that this county was founded on, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, take this Country back from those that want to destroy all we hold dear?
It’s both simple and hard at the same time. First, we must all unite, and stop going in different directions, while we all want the exact same thing, we need to all work together going down the same exact road, UNITED.
Next, we have to have a plan. You see, we are all limited more than the other side. The other side controls all the social media that we use to communicate, so our brothers and sisters are constantly being blocked, banned, having posts deleted, whatever they can do, and we all know this. It is just a matter of time before they decide to block us all for some reason.
We are already pushing the vote red campaign in, in so many ways and areas, but it’s not going to be enough, we need to do more. We need to make a very loud and obvious statement that no one will ever be able to misunderstand, and I have a plan for just such a statement, but it is not going to happen without everyone getting involved.
The plan is simple. 40,000 or more acres that on which would be a town, dedicated to Veterans and their needs to adjust to life outside of the military. This town and everything in it would be run with only the principles of America at its core. This town will include shops to train and provide services, clinics to provide care to humans and animals and train people, a Military Academy for kids to learn the things that are no longer being taught, a summer camp for disadvantaged kids to learn from veterans how to be great adults, and so much more. And once this first one is built, we will add more, and more until we have one in at least 12 states, all run with the same principles.
But how do we get there?
This is the hard part. We need a large influx of cash to build the first one, and as we build, each one will require less in donations until we will no longer need more donations to operate because they would be completely self-sufficient and funding entirely by the services they provide. So, what do we need now? We need for every American loving patriot to get involved, spread the word, to get us to where we have the equivalent of 10 million people donating $10 per month for the period of one year. When we can get that, we can do everything that has been listed here and so much more, but more importantly, it will make it very clear that we are united as one, and everyone will be able to see who is involved because we will honor every single patriot who gets involved, we will provide them with not only recognition, but we will also list every name of every donor on our walls that surround these towns. The walls are NOT to make them prisons, it is to make sure that our Veterans will never have to deal with those who would want to protest them, attack them for being who they are, and make sure that we do not ever see what we have been seeing in Portland, Seattle, or any other city around the country. And believe me, when we build, they will come, and they will try to stop us because I will challenge them to bring their antics to me directly.
Yes, that last bit was a threat, but it is no longer a time to be timid, no longer a time to sit quietly, it is now time for each and every patriot to stand up and be heard telling those that would destroy our great country, “We Are Here, and We Will NO LONGER BE SILENT!”

P.S. Yes that is a lot of money, and it will be used to make sure that we can have a voice, a conservative voice in all areas. We will work with anyone that is promoting Freedom of Speech, and anyone that is adhering to the values of the Constitution. We have the people, we have the skills, we just need the money to make it all happen. If you build it, they will come. If you donate, we will build it! Keep America Great!



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