VLS is a program designed to help homeless Veterans and at-risk Veterans alike, grow beyond their circumstances. When people feel helpless, and that their lives have no purpose, they are unable to see the many possibilities that are available to them. We will help them see their possibilities. But more than that, we will help them go after and achieve them.

Our Programs will help get them into permanent homes, build the skills needed to raise them up as high on the socioeconomic scale as they are willing to go. They will not be charged for these services; however, we will encourage them to give back so that we can continue to offer our non-profit services to others in need, for generations to come


While we may start small, it is our ultimate goal to build our landmark facility on a working Cattle Ranch.
The major reason for this, is the connection that comes from being in such an environment. A ranch has many different types of animals around, and oftentimes, animals can be our best source of comfort when feeling down. But also because, on a ranch, there is an endless supply of things to do, unlike in a suburban setting, where you find yourself in a room of one kind or another.

The things planned for the ranch are extensive:

  • Veterinary Clinic and School for Vet Techs.
  • Corporate Headquarters.
  • Long term care facilities for adults and children with Autism, and other mental disorders that have no family to care for them, or their families are unable to care for them. With guest housing for families to visit.
  • Summer Camp for At-risk youth.
  • Agricultural Gardens.
  • Service Dog Training Facilities. Using Rescue Dogs.
  • Shops of different kinds for Tech School training.
  • Classroom Facilities.
  • A Martial Arts Dojo.
  • A Gym with Boxing Training Facilities
  • Audio and Video Recording Studios for teaching and creating content.
  • A Memorial Garden dedicated to all of the Men and Women that have ever served this country, with a Memorial Wall that will list the names of our Brothers and Sisters who lost the Battle of the Mind here at home.