This question has been asked probably more times than any other question in the entire history of mankind. And yet no one can give a definite answer to it. Not to any scientific satisfaction anyways. However, let me try to share with you some ideas that could provide some answers.

You see, I am not a theologian, or a scholar, or any other type of highly educated person on any subject, just someone that has lived a life that has crossed almost every imaginable line between life and death. And that has given me a very different perspective on the subject of God.
I was raised to be very religious, have strong faith in God and his messengers, and his message. Including Jesus Christ his son. However, I started questioning God, religion and the message when I was 11 years old. Mind, you I was not a normal kid, I didn’t have normal friendships. My friends were all adults, they were College Professors, Doctors, Theologians, Professionals, even a Catholic Bishop and a Cardinal were among them. I was constantly getting in trouble in school for doing book reports on books like War and Peace, The Art of War, what they forgot to teach You at Harvard Business School. I even did one on the Holy Bible. You see, I didn’t like the books my peers read, they were silly to me, I couldn’t stand to read them.
I was doing things far ahead of most of my peers, and some of my teachers saw it, but most didn’t. But it was in the summer of my 11th year that things changed for me. You see, I had heard stories of people who had near death experiences, how they saw themselves, loved ones, a light, a tunnel, all kinds of experiences. But, that summer, I had my second brush with death, the first one I could remember, and I saw nothing, experienced nothing. And I questioned why? Why did all these people have these experiences and I didn’t? I was dead for over 45 minutes, they had declared me as such, and started filling out the paperwork, but I came back, and nothing had happened. No Angels, no Grandparents, no Family, nothing.


That’s what started me questioning the Existence of God.

Now, 40 some years later I think I have an answer to that question, at least one that applies to me. It may to you as well.

You see, in my life I can sit back now and look over my life and see all of the mistakes I’ve made, bad choices, wrong decisions, etc. but that’s what everyone does, they see all the bad, and overlook the lessons. You see, I would not be the man I am today were it not for everyone of those bad choices, decisions, or mistakes. They’ve taught me invaluable lessons in life, and that in turn helps me help others with their lives. That includes the several times I’ve crossed the line of life and death.
You see, I have asked is there a God so many times myself. Every time I saw someone suffering at the hands of another, or there was a horrific accident, or natural disaster. I would ask what kind of God would allow suffering like this. Why would a caring, understanding, compassionate God allow people to suffer Depression, Anxiety, or go through things that would give them PTSD? Yes, I have all of that. As do many people I know.

It has taken me many years to understand the purpose of suffering. The purpose of Struggle, Strife, Surviving. Why others are rewarded for hurting others, and others can never get ahead no matter what they do. You see, God does indeed exist, but not in the way you may think. God is that part of Humanity that we need to get up in the morning, to keep going when things get hard. God is all that is good and decent in each and every one of us. Just as the Devil is all that is bad and evil in all of us. That is the war that we must all face each and every day. The battle of good and evil. That is the battle that most of us never understand, and will never win, because it is never ending, and that’s why we need religion. We need others that are struggling with the same battles.

You see, I believe in God, I believe that he or she, is very real, but it is the common perception that I think is wrong. God is not a supreme being, that’s out there watching over us, controlling our destinies. I believe that God is a part of each and every living thing in the entire Universe, that includes you and I. But, where there is Good, there must be the opposite, and the opposite of Good is always Evil, and to maintain the balance, we all also have Evil within us, therefor we have both God and the Devil in all of us. And we must fight that battle everyday between them. It is like the old Indian saying about the Two Wolves that live inside each Man, one is good, and one is evil, the one that wins is the one you feed the most. So, it is with all of us.
I cannot tell you that there is a Heaven or a Hell, but I can tell you that there is more to life than what we see in front of us. I know that God is real, I know that Satan is real, I know that the Universe demands balance. Therefore, I do believe that there is more to life than just this single plane of existence.

​Earlier I mentioned the need for religion, well, I’ll talk about that another day…

Author By: Jon “Bear” Risley



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